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AJPHS Canadian journal on computing in mathematics, natural sciences, engineering and medicineis a multi-disciplinary journal. It invites papers from all areas of Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Engineering and Medicine that solve problems in their original domain with the involvement of computing for experimentation, results compilation and analysis.Topics Canadian Journal on Computing in Mathematics,
Natural Sciences, Engineering and Medicine includes topics mentioned below Mathematics: Abstract algebra, algebra, analysis, applied mathematics, arithmetic, arts and music, calculus, cellular automata, combinatorics, complex analysis, computational geometry, computational science, cryptology, genetic algorithms, differential geometry, discrete mathematics, dynamical systems, fluid dynamics, Fourier analysis and wavelets, fractals, geometry, industrial mathematics, linear and matrix algebra, linear and non-linear programming, logic and set theory, mathematics education, mathematical biology, multivariable calculus, nonlinear dynamics, number theory, numerical analysis, ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations, pre-calculus, probability theory, statistics, topology, trigonometry etc. Natural Sciences: All branches of sciences including but not limited to basic sciences, applied sciences, formal sciences, physical sciences, life sciences, social sciences, behavioral sciences, philosophy and history of science etc. Engineering: Aerospace engineering, audio engineering, automotive engineering, bioengineering, broadcast engineering, building engineering, ceramic engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, cost engineering, electrical engineering, electronics engineering, energy engineering, environmental engineering, genetic engineering, glass engineering and sciences, industrial engineering, engineering informatics, marine engineering, mechanical engineering, military engineering, mining engineering, offshore engineering, operations research, petroleum engineering, planetary engineering, reliability engineering, societal engineering, structural engineering, systems engineering, telecommunications engineering, textile engineering etc. Medicine: Anatomy, dermatology, gynecology, immunology, internal medicine, neurology, ophthalmology, pathology, pathophysiology, pediatrics, pharmacology, physiology, psychiatry, radiology, toxicology, urology etc.
Publisher Name AM Publishers
Publisher Country Canada
Publication Language English
Publication type Online
Publication frequency per year 12
ISSN No. 1923-1660 
Current year Impact Factor  
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Year of starting Sat, 05/01/2010